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Unleashing mobile productivity.

Synchronoss forms new venture to develop advanced Secure Mobility Solutions leveraging technology contributed by Goldman Sachs. Learn More

Following the 20/80 Rule.

Synchronoss will unveil a broad range of digital offerings - giving mobile business owners the flexibility to create innovative and secure solutions for the apps that really matter. Learn More

Simple and secure belong together.

Security can be a challenge. Just because your mobile environment is secure doesn’t mean it has to be complex and cumbersome to use. We enable complex use cases and the ability to manage a variety of data across multiple devices and channels. Learn More

About Synchronoss

Synchronoss Technologies (NASDAQ: SNCR) is a world leader in cloud solutions and software-based activation for communication services providers across the globe. Our proven and scalable technology solutions make it easy to activate, sync, manage and optimize connected devices and services. Whether those devices are in the traditional set of handheld and desktop computers, or the emerging field of computerized vehicles, apparel, appliances, and infrastructure, Synchronoss is the catalyst that allows individuals to leverage technology through connectivity.

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