Synchronoss Integrated Life

Empowering mobile operators to deliver a complete, seamless subscriber experience.

Smart ConnectionsActivations

Subscribers connect to all their smart devices… …while operators sell more lines of service.
Synchronoss Activation Platform

Effortless UpgradesServices

Subscribers upgrade their smartphones effortlessly… …while operators reduce customer service expenses.
Synchronoss Mobile Content Transfer

Shared TogetherSecurely

Subscribers capture, share and engage with more content… …while operators securely host this content in their cloud.
Synchronoss Personal Cloud

EnjoyMonetize Third Party Services

Subscribers access services they love thanks to an open ecosystem…while operators enjoy incremental revenue streams.
Synchronoss Integrated Life

Synchronoss Integrated Life

Welcome to the new paradigm for driving subscriber loyalty and mobile operator revenue. See It Now

About Synchronoss

Synchronoss Technologies (NASDAQ: SNCR) is a world leader in cloud solutions and software-based activation for communication services providers across the globe. Our proven and scalable technology solutions make it easy to activate, sync, manage and optimize connected devices and services. Whether those devices are in the traditional set of handheld and desktop computers, or the emerging field of computerized vehicles, apparel, appliances, and infrastructure, Synchronoss is the catalyst that allows individuals to leverage technology through connectivity.

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